Rooftop Botanicals is a sustainable beauty brand deeply rooted in urban farming. The first and only beauty-rooftop-farm, we cultivate result-driven extracts and beauty products, while simultaneously fighting climate change. We believe wholeheartedly that you can do both, care for Mother Earth and your beauty needs. All product ingredients are selected based on COSMOS compliancy, effectiveness , and locality. Together, we can truly make a difference.


From our rooftop to your vanity, discover our daily essentials to cleanse, hydrate and treat your skin for an everyday bright and glowy complexion.

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Rooftop Botanicals is New York City’s first and only rooftop beauty farm that grows and processes beauty botanicals to create extracts and beauty products. Our mission is to simultaneously simplify your beauty routine while helping to combat climate change.

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"I love this product. It is very moisturizing and I love how the ingredients are clean and safe for the skin, as well as coming from a local botanical garden! I spoke to the owner at a pop-up shop and she was so sweet, helpful, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend trying this product and supporting this amazing company!"


"I love how gentle this gel moisturizer is. I have normal skin, and this moisturizer helps keep it supple, even under the harsh conditions of a NYC winter (freezing winds? snow? airborne grime?No problem!). It's the perfect weight to wear under sunscreen and makeup; it feels light, but also smoothes my skin so that my makeup looks flawless. I also appreciate that it's gentle in terms of its environmental impact. I feel lucky to have found a product that is functional, uses locally-sourced ingredients, and that is not packaged in plastic!"

-A Millman

"I've always had really sensitive skin. Its some how both dry, blotchy red, oily and breakout-prone all at the same time. Moisturizes always irritate my skin, or they seem to have no effect. This one fits just right! My skin is now softer and more even, with breakouts only happening occasionally around my cycle. It has no fragrance which is really nice. It also comes in an aluminum bottle which is more earth friendly and I don't have to worry about dropping it on my tile!"

-Jenni G

From Seed To Bottle 

Formulated with Brooklyn rooftop grown extracts and cosmos compliant ingredients to give you sustainable skincare that your skin and the planet will love 

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Building Renewable Beauty

By growing our botanicals on otherwise wasted rooftops, we’re bringing efficacious and renewable ingredients and products closer to home… And on a rooftop next door. Want to learn more about our rooftop farm? 

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Providing sustainable, reliable and responsible beauty isnt' our only goal. With guides on how to start growing your own botanicals, to using them in your own beauty creations, our library is a one stop resource to a more sustainable and self- sufficient way of life.